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Sui Gas New Connection 2024, SNGPL New Connection. The procedure for getting a SUI gas connection depends on your location and the regulation set by SNGPL. By starting SUI gas home connection first you can check the SUI gas connection in front of your premises. If SNGPL connection is available in your street and SUI gas connection is already working in your neighbor’s house. Then you can apply for a new household connection of SUI gas.

Household connection categories of SUI gas

There are two types of SUI gas connections for domestic use.

  • Normal connection
  • Special contact

The main difference between a general connection and a special connection is based on fees and time. Normal connection fee from SNGPL up to 10 marla is Rs. 6000 and above 10 marla is Rs. 7500.

Further if you want exclusive connection you can pay Rs. 25000 with normal fees. Secondly normal connection procedure takes a lot of time and SNGPL process application on first come first served basis. But you can enter the fast track by paying an additional amount of Rs. 25000

After deciding whether general or special connection of SUI gas across Pakistan the following procedure will be followed:

  • Domestic and special domestic contacts
  • Submission of application
  • Houseline Survey
  • Proposal Letter/Demand Notice
  • Houseline Installation (Commercial and Industrial)
  • Accumulation
  • Gas connection
  • The first bill
  • Warning


Submitting application for new SUI gas connection

First you will arrange the application form from your nearest SNGPL area office or you can download from SNGPL official website. This form is free and readily available in the office or can be downloaded through the website. After arranging the new home farm application form you can fill it and submit it to your nearest SNGPL office along with the following mandatory documents:

Photocopy of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).

Property documents ie person, registry and other legal documents to ascertain and verify plot size.
A photocopy of your neighbor’s gas bill

After completing the new SUI gas connection file you can submit to the nearest area office of SNGPL and get the receipt from SNGPL official for further reference or tracking of your SUI gas connection application.

Letter of recommendation or demand notice served by SNGPL

After the approval of the feasibility report, the company will be issued a demand notice for security and service line charges at the rate fixed by SNGPL.

Security charges are fixed for domestic connections. 4500 and if your plot size is upto 10 marla. 1500 service line charges are charged by SNGPL and if your plot size is more than 10 marla then Rs. 3000 received by SNGPL of service line charges.

Where the gas network of SNGPL is located in front of the premises.

If SNGPL gas network is present, in front of your premises and working, then you need to get the application form from the regional office/sub office/customer service center near your home. This form is also available online.

Where gas network of SNGPL is not present in front of the premises.

If SNGPL gas network is not available in your street, in front of your premises, you can get application form for extension of gas network from regional office/sub office/customer service center near your house. Have to do. This form is also available online.


Submission of application

Fill the prescribed application form (Capital Letters) and submit it along with the following attested documents to your Regional Office / Sub Office / Customer Service Center near your home.

  • A copy of CNIC.
  • Proof of title to the property (e.g. registry or any other legal document) to ascertain the size of the plot.
  • The gas bill of your nearest neighbor.

Get a proper receipt acknowledging your application. This receipt will be used for any subsequent reference or inquiry regarding your application.

House Line Survey

In the next step, company representative will visit your premises on turn/merit basis to prepare feasibility report for issuing proposal letter.

House line plan will be designed by company representatives at the time of site visit, if it is technically/practically possible to provide gas supply.

Proposal Letter/Demand Notice

  • A proposal letter/demand notice will be issued with a house line plan and a list of the company’s registered house line installation contractors in your area.
  • You have to arrange house line from any contractor as per fixed rates.
  • Security and service line charges will be calculated as detailed below:
Size of Plot Service Line Charges Security Total
Up To 10 Marlas Rs. 1,500 Rs. 4,500 Rs. 6,000
Above 10 Marlas Rs. 3,000 Rs. 4,500 Rs. 7,500

After installation of house line, applicant should visit regional office or area office or customer care center to submit contract agreement house line plan, installation certificate and CNIC copy, challan form or demand notice for service charges and security charges.The applicant submitted the demand notice of service and security charges to the nominated bank and took reference receipt.

House line installation

To provide skilled manpower to prospective and existing customers for installation/repair of gas house line at consumer’s premises, SNGPL has appointed Low and High Pressure House Line Contractors. These contractors shall be responsible for the installation of the house line as per the specifications and quality standards laid down by SNGPL and the house line plan issued by SNGPL.

These contractors will also be responsible for testing the house line installed by them at the recommended pressure to ensure that it is leak proof to avoid any untoward incident after the gas supply is started.

Applicants are advised to contact any of these registered contractors of their choice, settle the amount to be paid to contractors for installation of house line, payment of contractor after installation/testing of house line. Clear and then get test report from high pressure users only. This test report will be attached along with other documents in which the gas supply contract will be submitted by the consumer with the company and new connection charges.

However for low pressure customers the contractor is not required to obtain any test report/installation certificate for submission to the company. Contractors are only authorized to recover house line installation labor charges and no other charges shall be paid.


Copy of CNIC to get signed gas sales contract, house line plan, house line installation certificate, challan form/bill for deposit of security amount, service at regional office/sub office/customer services center near your home. Gotta go with the line. and other charges (if applicable).

Deposit the security amount, service line charges, and other charges (if applicable), to the Company’s designated bank and obtain a proper receipt.

Receipt issued by bank for deposit of security money and service line cost etc. is an important document and should be kept in safe custody. SNGPL may demand this receipt at any time.

Gas connection

  • Gas connection will be provided to you on “first come first serve basis”.
  • The distribution department will lay the pipe (service line if required) to your connection point.
  • Distribution department will install meter and commission gas supply in your premises.

The first bill

  • The first bill will be issued within 45 days of commencement of gas supply.
  • If you do not receive the first bill after 45 days, contact the regional office in your area.


Do not pay an agent or contractor anything to expedite the process. This is a waste of your money and is legally actionable. This shortcut for quick connection is also a moral offence.

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