How to Apply for New Gas Connection in Pakistan?

How to Apply for New Gas Connection in Pakistan (3)

With a major share of around 48 percent, natural gas plays an important role in meeting Pakistan’s energy needs. Fuel is used for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. The Sui gas field is the largest gas deposit in Pakistan, accounting for about 6 percent of the country’s total gas reserves. Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) … Read more

Sui Gas New Connection 2024 | SNGPL New Connection


Sui Gas New Connection 2024, SNGPL New Connection. The procedure for getting a SUI gas connection depends on your location and the regulation set by SNGPL. By starting SUI gas home connection first you can check the SUI gas connection in front of your premises. If SNGPL connection is available in your street and SUI … Read more

How to Calculate SUI Gas Bill in Pakistan | Sui Gas Bill Calculator


As utility bills reach consumers every month, understanding the charges and how they are calculated can sometimes be a complex task. Using the Sui Gas Bill Calculator we will provide you with an estimate of what your monthly Sui Gas bill will be. You should keep in mind that this is only an estimate of … Read more