Sui Northern Gas SNGPL Online Application Form For New Connection

All gas consumers can check Sui Northern Gas SNGPL online application form for new connection from this website. Sui Northern Gas is now offering new domestic and commercial connections to its customers. Now customers can apply for Sui Gas connection by downloading online application form from SNGPL website or get application form from nearest regional office of Sui Gas.

Sui Northern Gas Limited Company was a private company but in 1963 it was converted into a public limited company in 1964 and is now listed on all three stock exchanges of the country.

The company contracts in three types of connections one is domestic, second is commercial and last and third is industrial gas connection for gas consumers. Now it is easy to get online application form for new connection when you are going to apply for new gas connection of Sui Northern.

Sui Northern Gas SNGPL Online Application Form for New Connection

Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited is a public company providing gas connections in North Pakistan. The company was established in 1963 and its head office is in Lahore. With the advancement of technology, SNGPL has also introduced online methods for complaints and suggestions. Now users can also download online application form for new connection by following below procedure.

Sui Northern Gas SNGPL Online Application Form:


If you are looking for new SNGPL connection and want to check the online application form for Sui Northern Gas SNGPL New Connection then the below procedure has to be followed.

  • First visit the official website of SNGPL which is
  • Now click on Customers section.
  • Now click on New Connection Method.
  • Click on the application form and select from Domestic Connection, Commercial Connection, and Industrial Connection.
  • The application form will be displayed in PDF format.
  • Download SNGPL PDF file.

How to Submit Sui Northern Gas SNGPL Application Form:

After downloading the application form from the official website. After downloading the form fill the form in capital words and attach a copy of CNIC, property title proof to ascertain the plot size (registry), gas bill of your neighbor and submit to the nearest office. After that SNGPL officials will come for house line survey and issue demand notice. This is Sui Northern Gas SNGPL Complete Online Application Form for New Connection Procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions – SNGPL New Connections Form

How to get SNGPL connection?

Copy of CNIC to get signed gas sales contract, house line plan, house line installation certificate, challan form/bill for deposit of security amount, service at regional office/sub office/customer services center near your home. Gotta go with the line. and other charges (if applicable).

How to get a new gas connection?

Guide to Getting a New Gas Connection in Punjab: Process and Requirements

  • Installation Charges: The installation fee for gas connection in a house up to 10 marla area is Rs 6,000
  • Application Submission
  • Required Documents
  • Recommendation Letter or Demand Notice
  • Security and Service Charges

How can I check the status of my needle gas application through CNIC?

If your application is submitted by hand through a Sui Gas office or agent. Then it is better to call 1199 and ask about the status of the application. Once you connect with the helpline officer you need to mention the CNIC number on which the application has been submitted.

How do I check my SNGPL connection status?

Dial Helpline 1199: For those less tech-savvy, a simple phone call can do the trick. Dial SNGPL dedicated helpline 1199 and provide your reference number to the customer service representative.

How much does SUI Gas connection cost?

Fees for new needle gas connection in Lahore March are immediate and normal.

The normal fee for houses up to 10 marla is Rs 6,000 and for houses above 10 marla the fee is Rs 7,500. If SNGPL gas network is present and working in front of your premises then citizens of Lahore can get application form from any nearby offices or through online.

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