SNGPL Duplicate Bill 2024 Online Check

The easiest way to find SNGPL Duplicate Bill 2024 method is online through a web portal with User ID issued by Sui Gas Department. You are here on right page where you can get duplicate bill. We are telling you the complete way to get duplicate copy of your current and previous months bills and SNGPL bill procedure for this Sui Northern Gas Company.

Here is a simple link to get duplicate bill. This is because through this method we can not only get the current monthly bill but we can also get the required connection record.

SUI Gas Duplicate Bill Online | Step by Step Guide

Now every citizen of Pakistan can check copy of Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited SNGPL bill and download current month printout. You just need to enter your household or business number given on your bill and check bill online. Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited is the largest gas company serving more than 4.2 million customers in North Central Pakistan.

Step No. 1

Visit the official webpage of SNGPL “”.

Step No. 2

When you open the official web portal, click on the “Get Your Gas Bill” option which you can see in the image below.


Further, enter “Consumer Number” and “Captcha Image” then click on “Submit” option.


Full details of your bill will appear on your screen.

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How to Get SNGPL Duplicate Bill?

Sui Gas customers can check the bill online. Online bill checking procedure is easy. To check the bill online, a user can visit the official website or follow the procedure below. Follow the below procedure to check your bill online or print a copy of your SNGPL bill 2024 at home.

  • Open the official website which is by visiting the official link.
  • Open the Customer section.
  • Click on the user’s bill.
  • Enter the user number in the box provided.
  • Click Submit.

When you open the website or follow the procedure, the following will appear on your computer screen.


Complete Procedure for Sui Gas Duplicate Bill Print Online SNGPL Bill Copy 2024 is given here. You can follow the above procedure to check duplicate bill. You can also print this bill.

Where is the Consumer Number in the SNGPL bill?

Every month the bills of SNGPL come in print form from the department. When you open the bill, the customer number is listed at the top right.


SNGPL (Sui Northern Gas Pipe Lines) Brief History

  • Here you can know about SNGPL online bill checking procedure and guidelines.
    For information SNGPL was incorporated in 1963 and then converted into a public limited company during 1964.
  • These changes were made under the Companies Act of 1913.
  • Since that time, Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited Company has been working to supply gas to residential and commercial areas.
  • We have put together this page to provide you with the procedure to check Sui Gas bill online so we would like to mention some reasons to check bill online.
  • First, the reason is that the original bill is lost for some reason or sometimes someone has a problem with the bill that they use to check their bill on the internet.
  • So if you also want to get complete instructions about SNGPL online bill check procedure and guidelines then you should keep reading this post below this reference.

SNGPL online bill checking procedures and guidelines are discussed here. I hope you all are now clear about this very important procedure which is necessary when there is a problem with your bill like your bill is higher than the previous reading or the bill reader has misread it. Is.

Moreover, sometimes a very common and common reason that comes to notice is that your bill is lost or damaged due to some reason. Apart from these cases, if you want to renew your connection or you are going to buy a house and want to verify its needle gas meter, you should check the needle gas bill online once which contains the bill.

Written above is your user ID or number. If the record is available online, it means the meter is legal and working under SNGPL.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I download a duplicate bill of Sui Gas?

Go to your Sui Gas company’s website, enter your customer number in the appropriate section, and download the bill.

How do I check my Sui gas bill?

Access your bill online through the gas company’s website using your user number, or use their mobile app if available.

How do I pay the needle gas bill after the due date?

use usual payment methods such as online banking or going to the bank; Late payments may incur additional charges.

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